My Story

Hello there. I guess it might be good to go back to the beginning... after two art schools and working in the West End as a graphic designer I spent many years at the UK's largest independent record company. I gave up that glorious life in 2001 and started Nippaz With Attitude, with the idea of making baby and kids gifts involving wordplay and puns. Such terrible, terrible puns. I continue this impecunious calling to this day and naively consider the brand to be a subversive weapon against bunnies, bears, and growing the hell up.

*Cue wild trumpet blowing* Celebrity supporters over the years have included Stella McCartney, Chuck D, Chris Martin, David Beckham, Noel & Liam Gallagher, Fearne Cotton, Damon Albarn, Madonna, Russell Crowe, Jaime Winston and Reese Witherspoon. Oh, and there was that time Jay Z signed an 'I Got 99 Problems But A Bib Ain't One' bib and was kind enough not to call his lawyers.

My borderline unhealthy obsession with pop art, street art, puns and irony continues with Pengeland - an outlet for the things I create in this inspirational community in south east London. And as a one man band it's also the perfect opportunity for me to work with, and showcase, some insanely talented creators you may never have heard of.

I hope you enjoy the creative fruits from in and around the magical kingdom.


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